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Simple Tips to Cure Lumps on the Eyelid

Eyelid lumps can be experienced by anyone. Although some bumps in the eyes are not dangerous. However, you should know how to cure eyelid lumps properly, so as not to interfere with daily vision and appearance. In Indonesia, bumps on the eyelids are more commonly known as bumps (hordeolum). This condition usually occurs due to a bacterial infection that attacks the glands in the eye. Though the bump on the eyelid can also be a kalazion, which is a lump like a cyst that occurs due to a buildup of fluid in the eyelid How to Cure a Lump on the Eyelid Here are the steps to cure a lump on the eyelid that you can do at home: Clean the eye area Basically, the bumps occur because of dirt or foreign matter attached to the eyelids. So, clean the area around the eyelid. Take a clean cotton ball or cloth, then dip it in warm water and clean it. You can do gentle massage while cleaning the area. Repeat this method at least 3-4 times a day. Make sure you wash your hands first and the
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Tricks Prevent Weight Gain While on Vacation

When on vacation, various types of culinary offerings can arouse your taste. However, do not just eat huh. Of course you don't want to get fat after the holidays are over? Come, see the following review so that your weight remains controlled during the holidays. The most important thing from controlling weight during the holidays is to limit calorie intake. However, that does not mean you should not enjoy a variety of typical snacks for your vacation. There are a few tips you can do so that your weight does not jump sharply, even though you're on a culinary tour. Control Your Weight This Way Some people gain weight while on vacation. If you take a vacation for just one or two days, maybe the fat deposits are easy to remove. However, what if the vacation is long? Surely you will have difficulty losing your weight again. Here are some tricks you can do to prevent weight gain while on vacation: 1. Pay attention to portions One of the principles that can be used to prevent

Eradicating Warts on the Face is not as difficult as one might imagine

Warts on the face can sometimes be painful. Not only that, the risk of transmission is also quite high, especially if there is direct contact from skin to skin. In terms of appearance, the presence of warts on the face can also reduce self-confidence. This abnormal skin growth is caused by the HPV virus. There are several types of warts that commonly grow on the face, namely prominent filiform warts and flat warts. Both types of facial warts have different characteristics. For flat warts, the structure of the warts looks flat and not too prominent, so it is not immediately visible to the naked eye. Besides growing on the face, flat warts usually grow on the arms and thighs. The color also varies, between yellow, brown, and pink. Filiform warts are warts that grow in areas of the face, such as around the eyes, nose, mouth, and under the chin or neck. This type of wart shape is similar to the skin tag, usually small and has a color similar to the skin. How to Overcome Warts on the F